Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You can not be F*%#ing serious!!

And that was my reaction upon seeing the story about Dora the Explorer's makeover turning up all over news sites. Day after day after day!! Why is this still news? For example, check out the MSN A-list web search page right here.

Like I wrote some weeks before, I wouldn't be too shocked to look at the news one morning and see stories of stonings, the burning of witches, and the red-lettering of adulterers. We're sliding into a culture of ridiculous, puritanical paranoia.

These idiotic claims about a glammed up Dora, or video games and kids, sexy MTV videos, and violent films have turned into the new version of "the Devil made me do it." By claiming that these cartoons and toys and TV shows and movies are in some way harmful to anyone, are we not manufacturing a million excuses every day for people to avoid taking responsibility for their behavior. Just imagine the following:

"You see, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, my client is not really a murdering, thieving scumbag who should be locked away for life, but he's really a victim. He's the victim of video games and MTV. They made him do it. He should be treated and understood and felt sorry for. He's the real victim and he doesn't deserve punishment."

As for Dora being too sexy, I just wonder about where the Baby Boomer generation went so terribly wrong. How did people who brag about smoking dope, dropping acid, and free love raise a generation of paranoid nit-witts who get bent out of shape over an educational cartoon character.

As William Shatner would say, "People, get a life!"

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