Sunday, March 1, 2009

Satan is Watching You!?

So do these look like the eyes of the Antichrist?

Some Detroit politicians think so and they, apparently, have nothing better to do these days than waste time trying to get an MGM casino billboard removed. Check out the story here.

It looks like the good folks of Detroit put a lot of intelligent thought into the kinds of people they elect into office.

Although this example is absurd, stupid incidents like this help highlight one of the major problems of life in modern America: knee-jerk impulses to get the government to control speech and expression. If some nut-jobs in Detroit are disturbed by this billboard, thinking it shows the eyes of Satan looking at motorists (these people are probably close kissing cousins to the good folks who thought the theme song of the old Mr. Ed TV show contained Satanic lyrics when played backward and who had nothing better to do with their time than look for Satanic messages in Judas Priest and Black Sabbath songs), is it really the job of the local government to step in and censor MGM advertising?

The best part of the story is about the pastor's outrage at families with kids in the car having to see the billboard. The pastor, of course, could advise all those parents who might be disturbed that the same Bill of Rights that protects that billboard is the one that lets them go to church and worship any way they want.

As one of our Culture Wars fans recently wrote us, "Isn't America great?"

It sure is, even as it lets so many lunatics run around, mount protest campaigns, and get media attention.

Or this could be just another prelude to 2012!!!!!

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