Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Please let this be a joke! Please let this be a joke! a friend of mine recently shared this link to a story about the latest in Flat Earth thinking and Flat Earth conspiracy theorizing. Apparently the flat Earth model is not enough to accommodate Australia. The giant pancake flying through space - or whichever model whatever group of Flat Earthers choose to believe in - would not be big enough to hold the Australian land mass. Thus we get this conspiracy theory that Australia is really an invention by the great global - pun intended - conspiracy. So Australia does not exist, so say these yo yos. Got that? Australia has been invented by NASA and all the people who claim to be from there are actors all in league with the conspiracy and just pretending.

Oh, boy! Need we say more? Life in the 21st century.

This is almost as wonderfully deranged as the conspiracy theory about Finland not existing. Yup, I just ran across this the other day. Check out this link to the story. Finland is really a Russian/Japanese hoax concocted after World War II.

"But wait!" you might say. "So what about all the hundreds of years' worth of recorded history referring to Finland? How about all the people who've been to Finland? Or the ones who claim to be from there? Or couldn't you just get on a plane or a ship and just travel to Finland?"

Recorded history? Recorded by whom? "They" can make up the fake books! In the hidden printing plants of the Illuminati and the Bilderbergers.

People from Finland? Actors! Just like the Parkland and Sandy Hook crisis actors.

Flying or sailing to Finland? The airlines and cruise ship companies - all in on the conspiracy - are actually taking you to Sweden where an army of Swedish actors are then pretending to be Fins.

Ah, the great derangement of the 21st century. This makes my job of deprogramming college kids who are open minded to garbage like this even more...well, at least colorful.

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