Monday, May 25, 2009

Way too cool!!

I needed to post this link to and their clip of a promotional trailer to a new ABC series as a way of letting some friends tell me "see, we told you so."

Yes, after a lot of complaining about the fact that most everything coming out of Hollywood these days is nothing but another "reboot," "remake," "prequel," "reimagining," or "sequel," I find a new reboot series coming to ABC that I'm actually excited about. Hey, what can I say, we all have a few weak spots for classics we just want to go on and on.

For me, after Rocky and Rambo sequels, it's the 80s science fiction TV series V. If you check out the original two miniseries from 1983 and 1984 on DVD (the DVD of the first miniseries has an excellent commentary track by writer/director Kenneth Johnson), you'll see why. It's surprising how well the originals still stand up and what a great combination they are of action, mystery, and commentary of human nature, freedom, and totalitarianism.

And no, this series is no relation to the heavy-handed, preachy film V for Vendetta.

The great thing from the trailer for the new iteration on V is that it looks like it will be another interesting mix of ideas and SF.

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