Friday, January 23, 2009

Forfeit 100-0 Win? What the &*%# for?

I don’t know if this requested forfeiture over the 100-0 basketball win is something that belongs in a “weird news” section or it’s just a sorry commentary on the state of affairs in American culture today. Read the full story here. But maybe in a world where epic incompetence, mismanagement, fraud, and failure gets multibillion dollar bailouts, a shrug, and “hey, let’s just forget about it and start all over,” this crazy story makes some sort of sense.

But after this Covenant School girls’ high school basketball team won a game 100-0, they turn around and ask to forfeit it. And now everyone seems to act like they should be ashamed of that win. What the hell for??

This team won a game fair and square, went out on the court and worked as hard as they could – as they should have – played their best game and beat the other team. And now they should be punished for it? Did they cheat? Were they bad winners? Did they taunt the other team? No! They did absolutely nothing wrong!

Yet they’re treated as if merely doing their best and succeeding was some kind of a crime. The head of their school says the win was “shameful” and an “embarrassment.” I thought you used words like that for cheating or some such willful, malicious breaking of rules and laws. But you should be ashamed of winning??

The Covenant coach apparently did “not immediately respond to messages left by The Associated Press.” This sounds like he’s some multibillion dollar embezzler or con man hiding from the press until his lawyer makes a statement.

Maybe the person who should be in hiding is the losing coach. Coaching 4 winless seasons? He’s obviously incompetent and should be nowhere near a basketball court.

The kids who won that game have nothing to be ashamed of.

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