Friday, January 23, 2009

Good Riddance to Child Online Protection Act

This Wednesday the Supreme Court decided the Child Online Protection Act will definitely not be revived. You can check out the story here.

This was a law attempting to censor the internet, keeping sexually explicit content away from kids.

It is nice to see the Supreme Court make this decision at the same time we're hearing about the Chinse government cracking down on sexually explicit material available to its citizens over the internet. It's great to see exactly what the contrast is between free societies and dictatorships.

Especially since there isn't a single study offering a single shred of empirical evidence proving that pornography will change children in any way (at least no study that an undergraduate half way through any introductory research class could not tear to shreds, stomp all over, and humiliate), it's great to see nonsense like the Child Online Protection act get thrown right on top of the legal trash heap where it belongs.

I'm kind of looking forward to the reading the reactions of sanctimonious would-be censors like the Parents Television Council.

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  1. The ptc have got to be some of the most noxious bunch of a#%holes ever on the face of the earth!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for stomping all over them and humiliating them!!!!!!